Saturday, May 15, 2010

Route 66 Road Trip

I stumbled across my own blog accidentally. Imagine that! It's been one week short of a year since my first and only post here. I'm stunned I'd forgotten all about it.

My Route 66 road trip was wonderful. I hopped on The Road at Oklahoma City on May 23, 2009. Drove toward the east for about an hour, visited a few sites along the way, including the Red Barn in Arcadia, as well as Pops, a combo convenience store, souvenir shop, diner, and gasoline station all rolled into one. The food was delicious, 1950s style, with whole fried okra to die for. There was so much food on my plate, I had to request a to-go box. The place was busy on Memorial Day (May 25th). I was glad I was alone because there was room for one at the counter and I just slid right in. The people were friendly - the guests as well as the workers. The soda pop bottles lining the windows were on shelves from floor to ceiling. Pop bottles everywhere, thus the name, Pops. You can't miss it, there's a great big neon pop bottle outside, standing taller than the uniquely shaped building.

I visited Winchester Drive-In Theatre in OKC. Very nice. Real old-time feel. On weekends they show 3 movies, during the week, they have 2 movies. Not bad at all for $10 (for me). They have a carload price, but I don't remember what it is. One of the movies I saw was "Night At the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian" or something like that. It was delightful. It just happened the first movie aired on cable TV the night before, so I was able to watch the movies back-to-back, so to speak. I didn't know I was going to enjoy them as much as I did. I really liked the character of Amelia Earhart in the sequel. She was tough and smart. My kind of gal.

On my way out of OKC (I spent three days there) I visited the Route 66 Park on the west side. It's a nice peaceful park, with a lovely lake, and has a very nice display of informative plaques about every state Route 66 passes through. Kansas has only 13 miles of the famous highway.

More Road Trip news to follow soon. I hope.